1000’s of devotees have Darshan at Rathnagiri Sri Balamurugan temple Kumbabishekham!!

god1The Kumbabishekham of Rathnagiri Sri Balamurugan temple was performed. Thousands of devotees participated on the grand occasion and had a Darshan of the Lord Muruga.

Kumababishekham on the Rathnagiri Sri Balamurugan temple was last preformed during the year 2003.

After a gap of 12 years, it was decided to perform Kumbabishekham again.

Accordingly, the 2nd Kumbabishekham for the rathnagiri Sri Balamurugan temple was performed on 22nd June. As a part of the special occasion, Special ‘homams’, ‘poojais’, and ‘Abhishekhams’ were performed daily.

On Friday, 26th June, ‘Dasa-kalasa sthapana poojai’, Koo Poojai, Gaja Poojai, Angurarpanam, ‘mudhal kala yaga poojai’, and other poojais were performed in the temple.

Spiritual leaders, judges, and other eminent personalities along with devotees participated had a darshan of the Lord.

On Monday, 29th June, the scheduled date for the Kumbabishekham, ‘6thKala poojai’, ‘Naadisanthanam’, ‘Purnahudhi’, and Mahadeeparadhanai were performed in the early morning at 4.00 AM.

At 7.00 AM, Kumbabishekham was performed in the Lord Vianayaka & Sri Durgai Amman temples located at the foot of the mountain.

Then the event of ‘Kadam purappadudhal’ was performed. Then, Maha  Kumbabishekhma was performed for the temple domes and the rajagopuram of Loed Vinayaka, and Lord Muruga.

When sacred water was sprayed on the temple towers and the kalasams, the overwhelmed devotees started chanting ‘’Balamuruganukku Arohara arohara!’.

Rathnagiri Balamurugan Adimai Swamigal, Ariyur Malaikkodi Sakthi Amma, Coimbatore Kowmaramadam Siravaiaadheenam Kuasmaragurubara Swamigal, Kundrakkudi Ponnambala Adigalar, Kovai Perur Aadheenam Marudhachala Adigalar, Kalavai Sachidananda Swamigal, Thiruvala Santha Swamigal, and Sithanji Yogananda Swamigal participated in Maha Kumbabishekham and sprayed sacred water on the temple gopura kalasams.

To facilitate the devotees to watch the grans event of Kumabishekham and the spraying of sacred water on the temple tower tops, a giant screen was arranged at the foot of the mountain. The spraing of the sacred water was shown on the giant screen.

After the Kumbabishekham, flowers were sprayed on the temple & the temple tops by a small plane circling around the temple in the sky.

All the devotees attending Kumabishekham were given tree saplings. Annadhanam was arranged in many places.

All eminent local personalities and thousands of devotees participated and had a darshan of the Lord.

All the arrangements for the grand occasion was done by the Traditional trustee Balamurugan Adimai Swamigal, Executive officer Karthikeyan,  the temple administration manager and the staff.

Special buses were operated to facilitate devotees from various places to participated on this grand occasion.

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