Have a Check on Your Diet – Curb yourself from ‘Kathiri’!

Since ancient times, once Agni Nakshatram engrave, people had one simple magical solution to endure in the inexorable May heat, it is nothing but the pot (paanai) water.

And now the Kathiri in 2014 perhaps assumes to be the blistering period that the city will suffer; doctors and nutritionists advise people to stay hydrated. People have to frame up various diets and food habits, so as to stay fit next month; especially doctors say stay away from mangoes.

During this hot season, both old and children will not be in a state to intake solid food diet; in order to make them happy at the same time to curb them from starving liquid food, include calorie-dense liquids (thick shakes) like strawberry milkshakes and date shakes in their food diet chart. These thick shakes will definitely guarantee for packed nutrients for the kids, explains S Muthulakshmi, a nutritionist who manages the Qua Nutrition centre at Anna Nagar.

Even though liquid foods are good for summer, it is better to avoid aerated drinks and alcohol beverages, as it is inclined to lessen the water content in the human body system, guided by Sheila Swarnakumar, prime dietician at Frontier Lifeline Hospital in Mogappair.

It is good to intake nearly 2 to 2.5 litres of water per day for proper hydration of the body. If the fluid level elevates in the body, it will automatically releases the heat quickly out of your body. Instead of direct water, water based fruits like watermelon and muskmelon are equally plays perfect role in reducing the body heat. Especially watermelon has 95% water content in it along with essential nutrients, says Sheila.

If you are a person who disparate fruits, then you have another alternative option of  vegetables in order to balance the water level in the body, says Dr P V Lakshmi, chief nutritionist of Global Health City. Addition of leafy vegetables in your lunch diet chart will show better enhancements in your process of heat reduction. Even tomatoes are plays key role in getting hydration.

Alternative liquid form of food, which every nutritionist will consider as a boon to reduce heat among kids and old, is milk. It is advisable to take a glass full of milk twice or thrice a day which will immediately brings down the body temperature.  If your kids are running away on flipping a glass full of milk, no worries; you can very well make do with milk products like yoghurt, lassi or buttermilk.

For summer always serve food chilled for excellent upshots!

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