Education officials’ warning: Do not believe bonus for 75% marks offered on WhatsApp!

watsapp1Education officials have warned people not to believe the offerings of bonus for scoring over 75% in the examinations on the mobile application WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a huge attraction and a craze among today’s younger generation. It has managed to even push back other popular social media networks such as FaceBook & Twitter!

Though it should be used for useful and beneficial information exchange as scientific facts, public events, etc, it is rather sad development that WhatsApp is being used for lowly & illegal activities such as pornographic movies, intimate or obscene scenes about the private individuals, bogus news, etc which is harmful to the culture and the society.

The scenario has worsened further with these elements targeting the school students.

There is a false news-bit that bonus payment will be made  for the students who have scored more than 75% in SSLC & +2 examinations under Abdul Kalam Scheme.

Rs. 10000 will be offered to candidates who scored over 75% in SSLC examinations.

Rs. 25000/- will be offered for the candidates who scored over 75% in +2 examinations.

The application forms for getting this bonus is distributed at the district offices of Primary Education.

All of the above are false.

However, plenty of students undertook a visit to the Primary education offices and returned with disappointment.

In a related incident, more than 50 students from Tirupattur, Arakkonam, and other areas reached the office of the Primary Education functioning at the Collector’s Office complex.

They asked the officials for application forms for the bonus offered on scoring 75%.

The officials were shocked and informed the students that no such scheme has been announced.

The students and their parents were rather disappointed at this and returned.

Education Department officials explained that some anti-social elements spread such false news through cell-phones. They are enquiring to find the source from which this rumour generated. They are also registering a police complaint. So, people should never believe such news. If there is a scheme, it would first be announced properly and then implemented.

This incident created a lot of excitement in the collector’s office complex!

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