Google Releases the Best (Events, Apps, etc.) of 2015

new-and-old-google-logosInternet is brimming full with the best events, things, news, persons, etc of the closing year 2015.




The various lists released include the most searched, search for top 10 smart phones, etc and this has impressed the public with awe and wonder.

Google has released the top 1- Apps for the year 2015.

Please watch the top 10 Apps according to Google in the next sliders!

The top 10 Apps are:

  • Truecaller: Tries to locate some cell numbers not registeredin the udser’s cell
  • Gaana: to listen to your favourite song online
  • Skype: The most popular medium for free calls
  • Hotstar: enables you to see your favourite TV programmes on your smartphone
  • Hike Messenger: Best App for sending sms
  • Twitter: the popular social network medium – almost everyone knows!
  • What’sApp: Available in almost everyone’s smartphone
  • Book my show: enables to reserve tickets for the films
  • Wikipedia: Inexhaustible source of info – as popular as it is on the internet
  • FaceBook: popular as it lets you know the latest technical developments

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