Government Issues A New Order To Curb Vindictive Tendencies And Action On IAS & IPS Officers

 A serious maladministration in current practice of some of the state & central governments is that some of the IAS & IPS officers are transferred without rhyme or reason on a vindictive measure as a form of political vendetta.
As a step towards correcting this, all IAS & IPS officers should work in a place for a continuous period of 2 years. In case a transfer is planned, the authorities must obtain approval from the ‘Civil Services’ Board.
Many IAS and IPS have been subjected to frequent relocation, shifting of work, etc. and treated like puppets. These highly educated civil servants have been severely maltreated by a few government authorities who gained power after being politicians without decent education. Honest officials have been subjected to severe ordeals such as suspension, etc. Such instances are observed in almost every state – for example, Mr. Sahayam in Tamil Nadu, Ms. Durgashakthi Nagpal in Uttar Pradesh and Mr. Ashok Khemka from Haryana.
A group of 87 retired IAS & IPS Officials appealed to the Supreme Court last October calling for an immediate end to this atrocious practice. This was taken up by the Supreme Court which acknowledged and announced such vindictive practices on IAS & IPS officer must be avoided. The Supreme Court ordered the government to take suitable action within 3 months.
With this 3-month period coming to an end, there was a hurried announcement from the Central Government Staff Welfare & Training Department. Some important points are:
*   IAS, IPS, and F. S. Officers must serve in their workplaces, at least for two years.
*  Civil Services Board will be the authority for any transfer, swapping, promotion or or punishment.
*   This board will be headed by an Additional Chief Secretary.

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