Is it OK to take Bread Daily as Breakfast ?

bread-05In the’ fast-life’ trend of the current times, most of us eat bread daily in the morning for breakfast.





However, it is not advisable to take bread regularly as a breakfast item as it os harmful to health.


White bread might be tasty. However, as it is prepared from the refined flour (maida), this will not contain any nutrients. By taking this white bread without any useful ingredients or nutrients for good health, there will be no benefit for the body health as it will only deteriorate. Your weight may go up as white bread induces more hunger.


White bread also promptly increases the sugar level in the blood. If we continue to take bread regularly in the mornings, we may be affected by diabetes.


Some persons may suffer from constipation while taking bread as it has absolutely no fibre content  By taking fibre-less food item in the morning, there won’t be sufficient water component in the liver for digestion and the undigested food would harden leading to constipation.


Fibre plays a significant role in reducing the unwanted fat content. As white bread does not contain any fibre, it will increase the bad cholesterol level leading to high blood pressure, and heart problems.


As white bread does not contain any nutrients, eating it may not quench/satisfy hunger.

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