New Wi-Fi which excels in speed over the current Wi-Fi to be Introduced

Li-Fi-techology-news-newst8A new Wi-Fi based on the latest technology which can operate many times faster than the current Wi-Fi systems is to introduced shortly.



‘Wi-FI’ is a facility to connect with internet without the necessity for any wiring or connected device. Using this, the customer can avail internet on desktops, laptops, tablets and cell-phoes within a range of distance.  However, it still is rather difficult to download data.

Recently, scientists from Estonia have developed a new Wi-Fi which is 100 times more powerful than the current Wi-Fi facility. This has been named Li-Fi.

Using this Li-Fi which is based on light waves technology, large amount of data can be downloaded within a fraction of a second. It is informed that the data can be downloaded at the rate of 2 GB per second.

Li-Fi bids fair to create a new revolution in technology.

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