Public can help persons involved in Accident without fear of Police Disturbance – New Order by Central Government

41From now on wards, there would be no disturbance from the Police for the public who try to help people struggling for life after accidents to take them to the nearest hospital.




Generally, the public are always kind enough and ready to help people struggling for life after an accident.


However, if they take the injured people to the hospital, the police enquire them as though they were criminals and treat them roughly quite often!


The helping public get disgusted about this attitude and hence most decide to get away from the accident spot.


In a measure to address this problem, the central ministry of Transport has released a new ‘Standard Operating Procedure.


The list of rules:

Police should henceforth treat the public with high dignity when they inform them about the accident or when they admit the injured in the hospital.


They should not ask for the full name, address, or telephone number etc of te helping public. They can acceot these details if the public come forward on their own to share them.


If the helping public agree to be witnesses, the enquiring official should meet them at the public’s convenience – enquiry probably can preferably be conducted in the public’s residence or office.


If the helping public agree to come to the police station for the enquiry, the police can conduct the enquiry in a decent & dignified manner, only once,  The police should not harass them by asking them to visit the Police Station several times.


If the language of the helping public is not understood by the police, the concerned police official should arrange for a suitable translator.


Earlier, the Supreme Court had ordered the central government to submit a report regarding the steps taken to protect the public who come forward to help the persons involved in accidents. So, the central government has issued the latest report on this issue.


Government statistics reveal that around 1.4 Lakh persons lose their lives every year.


As per the government report, there is the probability that the lives of 50% persons could have been saved if the injured persons had been admitted in the hospital during the right time – known as ‘golden hour’.

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