Scientists report on Planet Mars: A big moon will Explode

mars_2634448hScientists have announced that one of the larger moons in Planet Mars, Phobos, will explode into several pieces and the debris in dust form will slowly settle on the surface of planet Mars.






The team of Scientists from California including a POI (Person of Indian Origin) informed that this explosion of moon Phobo is inevitable. It may not happen immediately at one time. The moon Phobos will disintegrate slowly over the period of next 2 crore to 4 crore years.

The disintegrated pieces, will form a ring around planet mars in the next 1 to 10 crore years, just like the planet Saturn and Jupiter

A member of the team of scientists, Mr. Benjamin Black, informed that earth’s moon is moving awayfrom earth by a few cm every year. However, the moon Phobos of planet Mars, moves towards mars by a few cm every year. Hence, the explosion of this moon is inevitable as it approaches Mars.

Scientiest Mr. Tushar Mittal informed that earth’s moon is attracted by several Forces of Gravity. Earth’s moon is capable of handling this attracting force. Similar magnetic forces existin Mars as well. However, the moon Phobos cannot resist these Forces of Gravity and hence moves towards to Mars.

This news is presented in an article in the Magazine, ‘Nature Geo Science’.

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