Some tips for preventing a threatening attack of jaundice in this severe summer

diagnose-jaundiceSummer has already started scorching. The hottest period, known as ‘Agni Nakshatram’, is a month away.





The heat will be unbearable during the ‘Agni Nakshatram’ period.


Jaundice on of the regular complaints experienced during severe summer. And it spreads quite fast as well.


Many people are affected and there is some loss of lives as well.


Here are some tips to prevent the attack of jaundice:


The main symptoms of jaundice are yellowish eyes and urine.


As the liver gets affected, there is a swelling of the stomach  Loss of life happens sometimes even as treatments are given based on the liver function/malfunction.


In allopathic medicine, jaundice is known as Hepatitis A, B, C. D types. Out of these, Hepatitis A & B do not lead to loss of life. However, life is at risk in case of Hepatitis C & D attacks.


If jaundice patients drink water that has been boiled and cooled, they can cure it, Blocks in the gallbladder and the outlet veins from the gallbladder lead to the attack of jaundice.


Medicines are available to fight the bacteria. However, no medicines have been found to attack the virus. Jaundice is caused by virus. So, it is best advised to consult the doctor, ascertain which type of jaundice and then take treatment accordingly.


Jaundice cannot be considered as a disease. It is the symptom of the need to remove all the infections and cancer cells in the body.  Most loss of lives are due to severely affected liver.


Stopping alcoholic drinks and avoiding fat-rich food items help greatly to prevent liver from getting affected. Some medicines for this can have side-effects .


Especially in the case of blood transfusions, care should be taken to ensure the transfused blood id thoroughly tested before.Unsafe sex may also lead to jaundice.


Natural cure can be take4n to prevent jaundice. Functioning of liver & pancreas do get affected from normal functioning during summer seasons. They are weakened. In order to strengthen the liver and practice, body heat must be reduced.


So, it is advisable for the men to have oil-baths on Wednesdays & Saturdays and the women on Tuesdays and Fridays.



Some of the greens like ‘Karisilankanni’, ‘keezhanelli’, ‘Avaarai; a,d aloe vera can be ground into a smooth paste and applied on the body while taking bath. This reduced the body heat and also enables smooth functioning of the liver.


If ‘Periya Nerunji’ leaves are kept in water for some time, the water turns oily thick. You cannot drink this but you have to swallow. If a glass of this is taken in the morning, it enables smother functioning of the liver.



Once attacked by jaundice, there are no direct medicines in allopathic cure system. So, local rural medicines are the best – the people who have some reservations on this can resort to Siddha or homeopathy treatment.

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