Supreme Court Branch to be set up in Chennai (?)

18TH_SUPREME_COURT_1334414fThe Supreme Court had advised the Central Government and its Ministry of Law to set up branches of the Supreme Court in all Metro Cities under the name of ‘National Higher Appeal Court’.



The Supreme Court has recommended that Supreme Court Branches should be set up in Metro Cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata to facilitate the public all over the country to have access to make higher appeals to the Supreme Court.




As of now, the facility to make higher appeal is available only in Delhi.


This procedure entails loss of time as well as expenses. So, the common public finds that the facility for higher appeal to Supreme Court almost inaccessible.


Based on this condition, an advocate from Pudhucherry, Mr. Vasanthakumar, had submitted a petition to the Supreme Court.


As the enquiry on this petition was taken up, the Supreme Court Bench of Judges made the recommendations above to set up Supreme Court Branches in all Metro Cities.

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