Tamil Nadu Leads the Country in Attracting MSME Entrepreneurs

tamilnadu-mapSmall-Scale, Micro, and mini industries have been playing a significant role in the economic status of the state of Tamil Nadu.






They have been making a significant contribution in the proving job opportunities, increasing productivity, and increase in the state/country’s exports.

In this scenario, ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce of India)  has informed that Tamil Nadu leads the country as the best state in drawing business investments for micro, small, and medium scale industries.

MMME (Mining, Material, and Metallurgical Engineering) had drawn the attention of 3.63 business entrepreneurs across the country. Tamil Nadu has a share of 32% in the 3.62 Lakh entrepreneurs.

This has been revealed through a survey undertaken by ASSOCHAM under the topic, ‘States Emergence: A comparative analysis of growth and development’,

While the state of Tamil Nadu leads the list, the states of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra follow in that order.

Based on the MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) signed, Tamil Nadu had received 41800 applications in the year 2010 whereas it has received 1.6 Lakh applications in the year 2014

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