Will there be any Nutrition Loss in Micro-Wave Cooked Food?

microMany of us have the doubt whether micro-wave cooked food items will lose their nutrition contents.





There is also the apprehension whether there will be undesirable side-effects by taking food cooked in micro-oven.


The main component in the micro-wave oven, called ‘magnetron’, helps heating the food kept in the micro-oven. It takes far less time to cook. The nutrients in vegetables will not be lost. There is no nutrient loss while cooking vegetables and white-meat (fish & Chicken) in he micro-oven.


While cooking red meat (mutton & beef) with a lot of oil & spices will make it tasty, it won’t be good at all; for the health.


If milk is heated in micro-oven, the component in milk known as lycozyme gets disintegrated.


When cooking in the normal way,  keeping the vegetables for long times on the stove will get charred. However, if the same vegetable is cooked in a steam  cooker, there are prospects that the vegetables will lose their taste.


At the same time, the food items cooked in micro-wave oven with the right time & heat will never lose their nutrient content. The vegetables will not lose their natural colour as well.


Take note that only the vessels intended for micro-wave oven use should be used for cooking in the microwave ovens.


Some don’ts while cooking in micro-ovens!

Do not keep opening and closing the micro-wave oven while cooking.


Never use vessels with narrow mouths (openings) in the micro-wave ovens.


Don’t cook eggs directly with shells.


When making chips, do not add salt since the salt tends to get charred while its iodine content is lost. Add salt only after making the chip in micro-wave ovens.


Do not use plastic or paper items in micro-wave ovens. They may tend to burn/melt.


Don’t use micro-wave ovens for heating water as the basic elements in water will be activated while cooking/heating in micro-wave oven and the steam won’t escape. Water, heated in the micro-wave oven, may even cross 100 degrees o boil.However, no convection will be seen in the water. So, without being aware of this, if this water is taken out from the micro-oven, the very hot water may spill over the body and cause fire-burns.

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