Drinking water line cut off due to bridge construction work!

VelloreAs the drinking water supply was cut off because of bridge construction work near ranipet, the affected residents from Ammur Samathuvapuram area sieged the officers on Monday, 30th March.

There are around 100 families residing in Ammur Samathuvapuram near ranipet. The city administration had dug a deep bore well for the residents near Ammur High Raod to distribute drinking water to the residents..

Meanwhile, the project of reconstruction of the old bridge located at Ranipet-Ammur Road area was taken up 3 days ago.

While digging activities were undertaken for the construction, the drinking water pipeline got cut and the distribution of drinking water was stopped. Hence the over 50 local residents visited the construction spot and took siege of the authorities and indulged in arguments.

They threatened to demonstrate if the pipeline was not repaired and water supply restored.

Then, a squad arranged by the city administration arrives on the scene and commenced the repair work.They promised to restore water supply before the night. Then, the crowd gave up demonstration and went back.

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