Indian hockey team advanced to the final, beating South Korea

indainTaking place in south korea, in the Asian game the India men’s team made it through the final. The India team is semi final match today, faced strong team in south korea.

India team League 8-0 Sri Lanka in the account the oman team 7-0 the account 2-0 defeat of China. Pakistan lost 1-2 to account for the scoring. Then South korea, team in league  all match win. In singapore 12-0 , to japan 4-1, and malaysia 2-1 ,and Bangladesh 7-0 the account was in a strong team in position. South korea beating India in the final match as the will have to endeavor regarded as the fans. The challenge for today semi final match India heavy long  time after  effort for one goal 1-0 Akash Deep India team scored a goal. Afterwards both sides battling hard for the last did not step up to the goals. So, who won 1-0 to progress to the final of the Indian team. Pakistan china team is crashed. Which team will is win Indian squad for the tournament is up for grabs. Asian game after 2002 Indian team qualified for the final match first time received.

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