India’s external debt rises to $ 37.630.

debtThe end of December last year, India’s foreign debt rose to $ 37.630.This, at the end of March was $ 34.550. So, in the nine months increased the debt by 8.9 percent.

December 28 on stage, India’s foreign exchange reserves was $ 29.658. This is 21 percent lower than foreign debt. 20.6 percent of the country’s domestic product is on the foreign debt.

Debt increased by 6.4 percent in foreign debt rose to $ 28.440. This is 75.6 percent of the total debt. In the debt of the business of credit institutions and 30 percent, 18 percent is deposited by Indians in banks.13.7 percent received a loan from the Asian Development Bank and the International.

India’s foreign debt is more the U.S. dollar. This is 56.8 percent of the total debt.

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