Research, to identify new drugs for diseases.

researchConduct research to find new drugs for diseases that K.C. Veeramani Minister of Government Medical College.

Government Medical College, Vellore atukkamparai 3rd  the graduation ceremony place yesterday. Ravi Shankar led the college. Supporting medical cuppirantu Dr. Sivakumar, Deputy Chief Minister Dr Muthulakshmi, residential medical officer and lead arunan.

Chief Minister Jayalalitha medicine, education has led regime. There are 19 medical colleges.Medical College was launched last year in Tiruvannamalai.

To be involved in the new research degree. Research to find new drugs for diseases. Tests aimed at early disease should be undertaken.This year the medical field  Rs. 6,511.5 crore. It is a thousand crore higher than last year.

This year for the first 2 hospitals is to inform the Minister. Siddha, Ayurveda and traditional medicine Rs .170 crore.

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